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'Come home - come home.'

The Irish Midlands. 1979. When her wayward husband returns to County Offaly, after five years' absence, The Mai gathers four generations of the women in her family to the house she has built for him at Owl Lake.

In this house of 'proud mad women', The Mai's eldest daughter, Millie, reveals the harrowing narrative of her mother's love for a man incapable of loyalty, as she weaves a family saga of women weighing up missed opportunities and second chances.

Coinciding with St Patrick's Day, and part of the York International Women's Festival, this York premiere of The Mai is produced with kind permission from Marina Carr's agents.

Marina Carr's award winning play, The Mai, has been described as:
...beautiful, poetic, melancholy, cruel and humane...The play is about absences: of men, of love, of care. It is also about recurrences: of need, of loss, of hope...full of grief, courage, humour and pain. - The Sunday Times

Acclaim for Marina Carr:

''One of Ireland’s leading and most daring playwrights.'' 
Patrick Maley, Stage Magazine
''Beautiful, terrifying, eloquent.'' Marina Carr's Hecuba RSC 2015 
The Independent
Acclaim for YSCP:

''splendidly robust production.'' The Cherry Orchard September 2015 
York Press

''ensemble company gives it both barrels.'' Drums in the Night May 2015 
York Press

''works superbly...supreme performances.'' Rohilla November 2014 - York Press
''theatre slickly staged.'' The Stepmother March 2014 - Northern Echo